NuCreation Fitness Testimonials

My name is Tiffany Garrett.  Before October 2008  I exercised on what I considered a regular basis.  I did my best to watch what I ate.  However I did not receive the desired results I wanted or needed to be healthy and more fit.  I became very frustrated and was ready to give up.

In October I decided to give Felicia a try.  I began her exercise regimen and I followed her meal plan which are now a part of my life.  I was able to see results immediately!  Felicia has been there for me to assist me in all aspects of this lifestyle change.  Not only have my eating habits changed but so has my attitude and weight.  Felicia has taught me and give me the tools I need to be more disciplined and structured.  She has also helped me change my overall health and I will always be grateful to her for this.

Tiffany Garrett 

Hi! My name is Denise Batemon and I am one of Felicia's clients.  Let me first begin on how I became a client.  I too was not happy in the way I looked when I saw myself in the mirror or when I went shopping and nothing fit me the way I wanted it to.  I always was a "talker" about how I was going to start a diet and/or how I was going to begin exercising.  When I finally made up my mind that I was going to make a life style change I went to Felicia. 

I am here to testify that I am blessed to have Felicia in my life.  I have to admit I was scared to attend my first workout, but after I received my first training I wasn't scared anymore.  Felicia's training was something I needed and wanted for a long time.  I felt great!  After three weeks of working out I had a regular check-up with my doctor.  Ya'll my blood pressure was within normal limits.  I haven't had a normal blood pressure in years.  I have now lost about 15 pounds and some inches.  I do cardio and weight training thanks to Felicia. This is something I have never tried before. 
Some of you might say...What about my hair? I don't want to sweat out my new relaxed hair. Sometimes you might say, I don't have the time? What about eating habits?  I would say to you, have a little discipline in your life.  Tie your hair down during workouts.   Make time for yourself.  You can do anything you put your mind to. 

Lastly, it feels great to have family, friends, and co-workers say to me, "how much weight have you lost?"  OR have them say "you look good"!!!  So I'll say to you, take a chance in life and make a difference in your life.     
-Denise Batemon 

Felicia has been such a help to me.  She has helped me get back on track  with my eating and exercising after falling into a rut!  Both the personal training sessions and the boot camp have been a great and exciting challenge.  I have gotten so much stronger and have lost 15 pounds so far. I also feel better and have a lot more energy.  Felicia is great with mixing things up so you don't get bored.  She also combines exercises so you are often working arms, legs, and abs all at the same time!  Each session is well planned to best utilize your time. She is patient and gives helpful tips for your diet too.  Thanks Felicia!
-Jenne Youtsey

I met Felicia in January and explained my situation.  I wanted to run the Mini Marathon in May, and was having a difficult time even managing 2 ½ - 3 miles on the treadmill without stopping and running out of breath.  She designed a workout plan, a cardio plan, a running plan, and offered nutritional assistance in a way that not only got me in shape, but began to change my everyday lifestyle and probably more importantly, gave me the confidence that I could do it. 
The bottom line is this—this 46 year old guy, who had never, ever run anything, not only didn’t collapse during the Mini, he didn’t get picked up by the slow bus, and, he finished his first 13.1 course in 2:45! 

I met with Felicia Willis for the first time in February 2006.  I was so grateful for the amount of time she spent with me explaining my workout program.  Although she's not a Nutritionist, she gave me helpful tips as for as my diet and nutrition is concerned.  I must say that I was very surprised at the friendliness and follow ups with me as her client.  Felicia treats me with so much attentiveness and interest as my personal trainer as well as my friend. 

Felicia is very concerned about her clients in helping them meet their goals.  If she feels that you need to give her an extra set of anything, she'll say "Okay, give me one more set.  You can do it!" 

Had I known about Felicia at the moment of my diagnoses of Multiple Sclerosis, I may have saved myself a considerable amount of suffering from the discomfort and symptoms that comes from having this disease.  Because of my diagnosis, I never thought I would be able to run or jog but during one of our many sessions, Felicia took me outside and for my cardio.  She made me jog!  Me, Jog!!!? I can truthfully say, my strength has increased and my discomfort is nothing like it used to be.Felicia is very encouraging and a heartfelt "Thank You" goes out to her. Love you,
-Rhonda Byrd

My experience from my personal sessions and with boot camp have yeilded a host of various benefits.  I've lost over 10 lbs from the sessions but what I lost is not nearly as good as what I gained.  I've gained self-confidence, a better image of myself to myself, I have tons of energy and I feel good overall.  My strength is amazing.  I don't tire when I walk up a flight of stairs and I don't run out of breath walking down the hall.  I've met people that have inspired me and some that I think I inspired.  I'm over the forty year old mark but I feel and look years younger.  My physical constitution helps me balance my mental constitution.  I can concentrate on the tasks at hand without feeling mentally drained.  If someone is looking to make a change for the positive, Felicia can aid in helping a person get a total body makeover.  It's challenging but fun.  Nothing worth having is ever easy so please don't think that this will be easy, but it is a journey worth taking.

Working out with Felicia was one of the best things I could have ever done for myself. I have problems with my blood pressure and loosing weight was a necessity for me. Felicia was very attentive and receptive to my needs and goals. She also pushes you to do your very best. I can tell the difference since I've stopped working with her and it is definitely worth it to make that investment in yourself!!!! She's not only my trainer she's my friend and I would recommend her to anyone!!!
-Sheresa Wills